dd Iwan sings Yma O Hyd before the World Cup play-off final

Still here – Still working to be seen

Feeling spurred on once again simply by reading the dedication opening the “misattributed paternity” dissertation I’ve just started reading:

To everyone who is searching. I hope you find what you seek.
And in the process, I hope you are seen.

We all live this NPE experience in such different ways, and share the hope of being seen, of feeling seen, throughout the journey. For me, it’s a journey that’s sparked understanding that DNA brings new backstories to many peoples’ lives, in the NPE experience an often dramatically new backstory. Also, for my life, a dramatically illuminating backstory with discoveries that reveal aspects of my parents’ lives, of our ways of living as a family, of our ways of feeling as individuals in relationship to each other and to our individual bodyminds.

So much to learn, so much to write – and so often not like the NPE stories I read and hear – I hope we are all seen.


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